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´╗┐Andrade wins Nashua's Ward 8 Democratic Versace Belt Real

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"Silva was rejected last year by Ward 8 voters, and he shouldn't be surprised when they send him packing again this November."

mayoral candidate, Andrade served as Ward 8 alderman and an alderman at large in the 1980s and early '90s. He was also chairman of the Board of Aldermen for two years.

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Andrade will face former state Rep. Peter Silva, who ran unopposed in Tuesday's primary, in the Nov. 5 general election. The winner will succeed Democratic state Rep. Roland LaPlante, who resigned in February because of health issues.

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"They're pretty close on the issues, pretty much the opposite of mine. I see it coming down to voter turnout," he said of Nov. 5.

Andrade said that while he's naturally pleased with the victory, he's also encouraged by the fact 377 Democrats voted while fewer than 150 Republicans turned out, casting 141 for Silva with a handful of write ins.

primary vote

Silva said Tuesday night he had no preference over who he will face in November.

Andrade, who was joined by wife Tina, daughter Susan Mahoney and her husband and their children Tuesday night, lives at 10 Clydesdale Circle and has been a Nashua resident since 1976.

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"We triple counted, and we may count again," Anderson told the dozen or so people present at the Bicentennial Elementary School, the polling place for Ward 8, which is Hillsborough County District 35.

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"New Hampshire Democrats are united in making sure Gucci Belt Women

"I said then, 'it's going to be close. Very close,'" Andrade, the eventual winner by a razor thin 170 167 margin, said when Ward 8 moderator Gene Anderson announced the results Tuesday night.

"Looking at the numbers, more than twice as many Democrats voted as did Republicans," he said. "I think it's important that the Democrats hold this seat."

NASHUA It was still early on Tuesday when Ward 8 state representative candidate Carl Andrade made a prediction albeit a fairly safe one on the outcome of his special election race against fellow Ward 8 democrat Latha Mangipudi.

State Democratic party spokesman Harrell Kirstein echoed Andrade's sentiments.

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that Bill O'Brien's right hand man and Tea Party pal Peter Silva does not return to Concord," Kirstein said in a statement Tuesday night.

Kirstein criticized Silva's record, predicting that, if elected, Silva "will work to limit access to affordable health care for women, interfere in the right of business and employees to freely negotiate and serve as a rubber stamp for the radical right wing ideological agenda."

"We both worked hard," Langipudi said.

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Andrade said earlier that, with a low turnout expected for Tuesday's primary, he and volunteers did the "heavy lifting" of making voters aware of the race. He targeted voters who have registered as Democrats in the past with a campaign mailing, and also placed 100 signs around the ward.

Mangipudi, who congratulated Andrade with an embrace as their respective family members shook hands, said that given the fact poll workers already counted three times, she probably wouldn't seek an "official" recount.

As did Andrade, Mangipudi multi tasked while tending her sign and greeting voters.

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Roughly 525, Gucci Belt Lion or just under 9 percent, of Ward 8's 5,981 registered voters turned out Tuesday.

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"I talked to people, and made calls, a lot of calls, in between," she said.

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