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´╗┐Ambulance overhaul urged

"Everybody wants it. And people have no idea that this centralized system that we have is so outdated and so centrally controlled by the bureaucrats 700 kilometres away in Victoria. They always thought that the region or the local community had input. People have no idea that they are literally being remotely controlled," said Dysarsz.

"That means the ambulance system does not even think of itself as being part of the chain of care or chain of survival. It's a stand alone entity in their minds, and it shouldn't be.

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Under the Canada Health Act, health care starts at the point of accident or point of injury, he explained.

"That is a significantly less (door to door) time even if an jet was used, bearing in mind the added time of ground transport to and from the airport terminals at both ends," he said.

It's not the fault of the attendanst hired Belt Hermes

"When people come to understand the facts, that what we have is a centralized system that is completely cost down driven. Once they realize what that means is that they do not have the needed number of (advanced life support) paramedics. They Givenchy Belts For Men

Plus, the taxi time can easily be five to 10 minutes at both ends of the flight.

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"Helicopters go hospital to hospital direct and have none of these issues. So while they fly slower, their point to point transport time is actually much shorter in some cases, especially for closer locations like Kelowna."

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do not have the needed number of ambulance stations. They do not have resources like helicopters in the communities British Columbia's health care system is, quite literally, segmented," he said.

When seconds count, an hour can kill. The shorter the time period a patient is away from the controlled environment of a hospital, the better the outcome, said Dysarsz.

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"Every single person is only one slip in the bathtub away from an ambulance ride or an air helicopter ride. (Once explained), they come to understand we do not have the coverage they have been led to believe."

The public has to understand that this is a problem that is directly affecting them every day, said Dysarsz.

"They have to wait 45 minutes for an ambulance and then a basic life support guy (one notch above industrial first aid) shows up. Think about this from now on. If you have a time critical injury, you or somebody you love, and you know you are 30 minutes away from a basic life support ambulance showing up, would you not say to yourself? 'Get in the car, dear, We're starting to drive. We're not waiting for these guys because they can do little more than put you on a stretcher and drive you Gucci Belt Gray in anyway.' That's the misleading factor of our ambulance service."

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"This is all our problem. It's not just a northern issue or a rural issue or an Okanagan issue. Children's Hospital, for example, an ICU helicopter could fly that 272 kilometres in less than an hour, the so called Golden Hour for the best outcome. It would be less time to Royal Columbian Hospital.

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In other words, the money that is being spent up front should be related to the money that is saved or not saved in the back end of the health care chain."

Dysarsz, but the fault of the bureaucrats and politicians who decided this is the level of service they will provide the public.

That's where the disconnect is, said Dysarsz. Ambulance Service), the Canadian health care system starts at the front door of the hospital emergency room. And it shouldn't. That's the complete wrong attitude."

"That's why they don't have the philosophy of providing better, quicker care up front which saves the system downstream way more money . . . That's the whole philosophy in Europe. That's why so many other countries have adopted the Franco German approach of providing vastly better pre hospital care, because they understand it saves them way more money downline."

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People feel betrayed and get angry, he said.

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"If you had a regional or municipal ambulance service, for example, attached to the fire department, it would be a whole different attitude. Now, those guys would get properly trained. There would be more of them and more stations throughout the community paired with fire stations. Your level of care would go up dramatically. taxpayer who is paying for the health care system.

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Jets and turbo props start to beat helicopter transport times on much longer distances, he said.

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