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What a pleasure it was to witness the end of a 15 year wait and see Scotland U16s win the Victory Shield last week in Kirkcaldy where they overcame a strong England side.

The truth is if they are good enough they will survive and be better players despite Hearts' current delicate state.

TalentGoalscorer Calvin Miller of Celtic is clearly the standout talent at this level and I thought goalkeeper Robby McCrorie also showed maturity beyond his years.

looked the part and England were led by their captain Cameron Humphreys of Manchester City who has the physique and passing skills that will see him blossom into a potential first team player soon.

Kenny Swain and his English lads have dominated this event for promising young players for years and even now they had youngsters on view who will surely grace the Barclays Premier League in a few years.

Quotes of the week

Goalscorer Calvin Miller of Celtic is clearly the standout talent at this level.

Part of the reason of course is that clubs no longer regard 17 18 year olds as potential; at that age many clubs are under pressure to get results Guess Belt Black

Gucci Belt For Men 2018

Given the unfortunate circumstances that surround Hearts at the moment, maybe Leon Jones will also get a chance to play at first team level quicker than boys at more stabilised clubs.

Gucci Belt For Men 2018

quickly fall away from the intensity needed to improve.

and sacrifice youth players for those more experienced in the game.

I know from my own experience that at the age of 18, the best coaching and education you can receive can come from playing against better and more experienced players in a competitive environment.

Gucci Belt For Men 2018

Jonathon Leko of West Brom also Versace Belt With Diamonds

Gucci Belt For Men 2018

McCrorie will benefit from turning full time with Rangers shortly when he can hone his skills on a daily basis.

Gucci Belt For Men 2018

Gucci Belt For Men 2018

´╗┐Andy Walker blogs on a bright future for Scottish football

Andy Walker

But it was Scott Booth's Scotland who remained unbeaten in the four Gucci Belt For Men 2018 nation tournament with a win over Northern Ireland and a draw in Wales before deservedly beating England by a solitary goal.

Like his counterpart Humphreys, Jones naturally led by example and it's no bad thing that so many young players are getting an opportunity at Hearts just now.

Naturally, if you suddenly stop getting the opportunity to play when you reach the age of 18 and are more and more often playing against players of a similar size and experience you very Dolce Gabbana Belt Mens

Gucci Belt For Men 2018

Gucci Belt For Men 2018

Next stepIn my view, Scotland have always had strong youth teams up to the age of 17 18 but we rarely get our players to make that vital next step into accomplished professionals with major clubs.

As long as you learn from your mistakes, it's a good upbringing to constantly be around quality players.

At 17 and 19 years old respectively, their development is an example that young players can improve a SPFL side if they're prepared to work on their skills and put them into practice on match day.

Gucci Belt For Men 2018

Gucci Belt For Men 2018

Right now in the Scottish Premiership, Ryan Gauld and Andrew Robertson of Dundee Utd are enjoying some exciting headlines.

Gucci Belt For Men 2018

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