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"Training is extremely important in this industry. One, because we want to maintain proficiency, and be able to handle situations that may come down the path, also instill confidence in the folks around us. The public around us wants to make sure that the people operating the plants are capable of handling any situation that may come down the road" said James Redwine, simulator supervisor.

Gucci Belt Cheap Real

Gucci Belt Cheap Real

The maintenance work during the outage is expected to cost around $90 million.


It takes people about two years to be fully trained to operate the reactor.

Crews go through accidental and emergency scenarios during that time.

Crews are also inspecting the reactor, testing valves and inspecting pumps.

In total, the outage includes more than 2,000 work orders involving 14,000 separate Belt Gucci Original

The training room is 6,000 square feet in size.

in the training room.

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The simulation facility at CGS is unique, because it is an exact replica of the actual reactor operating room inside the power plant.

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Gucci Belt Cheap Real

Gucci Belt Cheap Real

Potential workers spend about one Hermes Belt Orange

Gucci Belt Cheap Real

Specifically, crews are changing out hundreds of fuel bundles from the reactor.

There are a total of 764 fuel assemblies, and workers are replacing about one third of them.

´╗┐An inside look at the Columbia Generating Station

Also today, we got an inside look at the main training facility for reactor operators.

Gucci Belt Cheap Real

Gucci Belt Cheap Real

About 1,100 employees work at the site, and more than 1,300 additional workers some from across the country were hired to support the maintenance projects.

Once they've completed their training, they go through a one week exam with inspectors from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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year of that time working Gucci Belt Large Buckle

"It's important that it's well planned, well prepared and well executed, and it's important to the performance of the unit, when we come out of this refueling outage for the next two years, to make Gucci Belt Cheap Real sure we're there dependably for the rate payers in the area" said Brad Sawatzke, Energy Northwest.

Gucci Belt Cheap Real

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