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Mr Stewart told members Lv Belts Blue

Mr Stewart confirmed SDC members' view that a new pool should be opened before the old one closes but some town councillors argued that the pool's running costs and charges could be put towards transporting swimmers to other sites and that they would prefer a new pool where it is.

He will now instruct officers to carry out a "feasibility study" on the existing site and at Princes Parade but Fisherman's Beach was not included in the agreement.

Councillor John Schoner said: "We're talking about demolition of a skate park which took a long time to get Gucci Belts For Men

Councillor Briddock agreed, saying he thought SDC was trying to "trap" the town council.

Tempers flared during the public debate on Monday evening as accusations of cynicism and secrecy were hurled. Mayor Keren Belcourt was forced Gucci Belt Cheap to ask members to "calm down" after interruptions and counter accusations.

Mr Stewart explained that the proposal for Princes Parade was "fantastic" but far outside SDC's budget. He said the South Road plan could be built there instead but that it would not be for at least three years, owing to constraints in local planning policy. He said: "I want the town council's view, without a commitment.

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and for which there's money set aside in our budget for equipment the youngsters themselves have designed.

"You'd have to widen Lucy's Walk for parking and there's a Land Registry charge on the ground forbidding that.

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"If you moved it, you'd be on cricket club land. I think it's a non starter. I don't want SDC to say we can't have a pool because we wouldn't have one on our land."

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´╗┐AN EXTRAORDINARY council meeting on the provision of a replacement swimming pool in Hythe has provided no firm answers or solutions

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He also brought up two proposals made by members of the public. One was for a facility on Princes Parade Lv Belts

Alistair Stewart, chief executive of Shepway District Council, made a presentation to Hythe Town Council on progress made in finding a site for the pool.

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Town councillors, agreeing that the Nickolls Quarry option would not be favourable, asked Mr Stewart to look into options including refurbishing or rebuilding on the current site and building on Princes Parade. Although the possibility of a pool on Fisherman's Beach was brought up in the meeting, it was not included in their final vote.

that, although an agreement and funding for a pool at Nickolls Quarry are in place, it could be seven years or more in the future.

and another for a cheaper pool near the current site in South Road, to be built on the skate park. But members refused to consider the second possibility.

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"What is it you want me to discuss with SDC members?"

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