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of Nowra, described the moment the sea swept him from a cliff at Currarong on Saturday.

He knew if the water swept him in he would have been crushed against the rocks.

"Justin ran for the angel ring we had passed on the way in. He was back in about three minutes and threw the ring to me."

of his life.

Mr Huxley was wearing gumboots, jeans and a jumper that seemed to be dragging him under.

Gucci Belt Black Womens

Gucci Belt Black Womens

Gucci Belt Black Womens

But two things saved Mr Huxley; a quick thinking friend and the fact there was a lifesaving device, known as an angel ring, close at hand.

Gucci Belt Black Womens

"I was under the water for what Justin said was about two minutes, I had no idea which way was up.

´╗┐Angel ring to the rescue as sharks lurk below

now knows the reality is nothing like that.

keep my head above the waves and chop.

Gucci Belt Black Womens

Mr Huxley and his friend Justin Caughlan had set out at 7am for the rocky headland, a four kilometre hike from Currarong township.

Caught up in the excitement they made their way down the ledge toward the shark.

Over the next two hours the pair caught four large sharks, all of them so big they broke the line.

"This big white wash hit my face. I covered my head with my arms.

The swell was large enough that at one point it lifted him to eye level with Mr Caughlan standing on the ten metre cliff.

That is how 19 year old Jesse Huxley, Hermes Belt Male

"Justin was only two metres higher up than me, when a wave that felt like 20 tonnes took me.

spent the last few hours catching large sharks in that very spot, something that would torment his mind for what was to become the longest hour and a half

"I was treading water, Gucci Belt Black Womens trying to Versace Belts Men

Gucci Belt Black Womens

Gucci Belt Black Womens

"I was a about 20 metres out, but lifted up level with Justin and could see down to the bottom of the cliff."

Just before 9am they landed a shark on a rock ledge some distance below.

"I stripped off. It was so hard to undo the simplest belt buckle.

"The current was dragging me out so I was trying to stay at the back of the waves, not too close that they would take me in, but trying not to get taken out.

Gucci Belt Black Womens

Like many confident young men Mr Huxley had a thought in the back of his mind that if he ever ended up in the water he would grab onto a rock and wait or climb back out. He

"We were on a cliff about 10 metres above the water and climbing down to a ledge about five metres below, where the shark was," Mr Huxley said.

Gucci Belt Black Womens

He and his mate had Louis Vuitton Ladies Belt Uk

"I REMEMBER feeling weightless as the wave lifted me off the rocks and then it dragged me under the water. I didn't know which way was up, I thought I was going to die."

"As we got near to the shark it ended up breaking the line and getting away, so we started to climb back up," Mr Huxley said.

"When I surfaced I yelled to Justin to phone triple 0 and save me."

Gucci Belt Black Womens

Gucci Belt Black Womens

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