Gucci Belt Black And Silver

Gucci Belt Black And Silver

"I am very lucky I am able to do most of the things I want to do. I am still driving by special permission of the police, because I have three convictions for speeding. I got them before I cottoned on to the idea that those cameras record your speed and I was doing 37 on the Bede Bank.

"I am a very clever girl and modest with it. I haven't done anything special.

Gucci Belt Black And Silver

I'm wishing doctors could prescribe Ann's positive happiness. She's such a tonic and joy to be with and has me in kinks.

"If I am held up again it will be for loitering: I drive at a steady 16 miles per hour.

At 90 she knows the secret of happiness. It's her hobby and she delighted in educating me with morsels of fun and laughter from her captivating repertoire.

Gucci Belt Black And Silver

Gucci Belt Black And Silver

"I would like to think when I do give up, it will be me and not the police.

"Does she have any help in the house? Well, a cleaner comes for one hour a week and Ann says: "I Louis Vuitton Belt Damier Graphite

"I never wear tights or stockings. I have got good circulation, up one leg and down the other.

"I am very keen on four letter words. 'Talk' I can. I have little or no control over my tongue. 'Diet', I don't know that one at all. 'Echo' is another. I love my Echo. I think luck has an awful lot to do with happiness.

Gucci Belt Black And Silver

Gucci Belt Black And Silver

Gucci Belt Black And Silver

don't take any.

"I've always been happy. I was the first grandchild of both sides. And there's no doubt about it, that I was brought up to think I was absolutely wonderful and I have never seen any cause to change my mind about that.

The only time Ann, a former music and French teacher, couldn't sing was when she lost her one and only love, Bill.

´╗┐and if you know what's really good for you

"I am able to go out when I want to and feel well enough that I want to do it.

I reckon I need to visit her at least once a week. The trick would be catching her in because she's out nearly every night of the week, singing and playing the keyboard at do's and Masonic temples.

She taught at Valley Road, Springwell, Seaburn Dene, Bede and Pennywell schools and confides: "I have the scars to prove it.

"I like four letter words: 'dust' I don't know what it is and the other is 'lazy'.

"Whenever I meet a former pupil they say 'You look exactly the way you did 25 years ago when you were teaching me at Bede.' What a right insult and what did I look like then?"

have been known to get the hoover out. If you look on the hall table you will see not one but two feather dusters lying there.

So she went back to teaching French until she was 67.

" There are people who meet you and say'Isn't it cold?' and others who say 'Isn't it lovely and sunny this morning?' I don't know whether people can adopt that attitude or whether it's got to be innate."

Gucci Belt Black And Silver

Gucci Belt Black And Silver

More laughter as I sip tea from a china cup from a well laid tray with Ann's homemade shortbread. She only drinks water and is up with the larks every day baking scones and shortbread.

and the other. It's not because of being clever that I Louis Vuitton Belt Checkered

"One of my sons wrote his name on top of the piano and beside it he wrote the date but you have got to have a life.

"I have people who have moved into this cul de sac amazed that was me going out at 9.30 or 10 at night. It doesn't look good, does it?"

"I don't have to take pills for anything and that's quite unusual, because I know from friends of mine they have to take pills for this, that Louis Vuitton Belt Ladies

Ann's a laugh a minute and maybe that has a lot to do with her creed: "In whatever state I find myself I am content.

"It's a terrible shame that my husband died 30 years ago. We were both 61, but you have to look for compensations and one is that I Gucci Belt Black And Silver can do what I like. I have meals that I would never have put down to Bill cauliflower cheese."

"I do it before I am dressed, because they can be cooking in the oven while I am getting on with the rest of my life. It works a treat."

Gucci Belt Black And Silver

Gucci Belt Black And Silver

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