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´╗┐AMD Hex core Stock Cooler is

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Gucci Belt Black And Red

Hey I had the stock 1090T cooler and it was fine similar temps but I changed it for a better Gucci Belt Supreme

Gucci Belt Black And Red

Its most likely you have used too much or too little TIM. Also of note is that AS5 has a cure time, so won't be fully efficient for some time.

am too lazy to find me.

Anyway, i recent borght a AMD Phemon II x6 1075T Cpu, for a monster computer. I did install the stock cooler at first. Cant even run at very low FPS game at lowest setting(L4d2, TF2, BFBC2), If you view my old thead, i did have a problem in computer stable. but after i buy H50, it run without a problem.

or it might only be mine have problem.

I do understand that is a stockcooler, you can't really expect anything out of it. But at least it should let me run a game ( even if it suck).

Gucci Belt Black And Red

NOW, my problem is is is.

I er . also overclocked it a bit . adding to my temp woes.

I didn't come here to fight, just saiding how bad AMD cooler is.

Your graphics card could also be overheating causing the freeze might not be the cpu.

Gucci Belt Black And Red

Break in time doesn't matter, because when i run it after 2 week it still freeze. And right after i install my H50, It didn't freeze.

Make sure your cabling inside the case is neat and tidy so the air can move through the case and out easily . are the case fans working well and moving the air though?


Gucci Belt Black And Red


L00k forward to you guy's answer.

32 to 60 isn't bad but during Summer here the ambient rises . pushing the load temps too high when gaming for long periods.

Also, run cleandisk, defrag, and a registry cleaning program to tidy up the OS a bit.

Ps: I did resit my cpu and i am just trying to discuss AMD stock cooler, but from you guy review sound to me that i am the one having problem

I think you are right, because when i open my stock cooler to replace with my H50, some TIM went to the side and i cleaned it and install the H50. I forgot to said there was a game were running fine with stock cooler. It Men of war: Assualt Sqad.

What happen to mine is. or I think is when is reach to above 60, it auto shut down the whole cpu, so it freeze Gucci Belt Black And Red my computer. One reason i also think is that after it freeze, i have to wait like 1 min to do the restart or it will just turn on and shut itself back down. I can run L4d2 and other game, but only about 5 15 min before it freeze.

Airflow in the case could also be a part of the issue. I'm not trying to say the stock cooler is awesome, just that its not gonna cause a system to fail unless something else is wrong.

Why Amd stock cooler is that crap, cant even run a game with it. I heard alot about you can use stock cooler, but it not good for OC. I mean this cooler is a piece of junk that i don't even want to touch it."(No offence, AMD )

When gaming shutdown torrent programs and anything else running in the background some AV programs have a "gaming" mode to minimise their effect on the cpu too.

Its certainly not a good cooler, but it IS capable of sustaining the system at stock clocks under any load.

I think there was alot of people who have problem like it, but they didn't brother to ask me or I Gucci Belt All White

Gucci Belt Black And Red

No offence if i said anything that Hurtfull to some of you.

Sorry for my VERY VERY bad English.

So i think it only special to me, that also tell US one thing. If it happen once, it will happen Hermes Belt H

Gucci Belt Black And Red

Gucci Belt Black And Red

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