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Ferragamo Belt White

Parks and Recreation Director Chris Patterson said the program has great potential.

serve two year terms. Each will fulfill assignments to two city departments, where they will shadow city officials and learn the workings of city government by participating in the process.

The Brownsville Herald Posted Mar 8, 2013

"This gives the kids the opportunity to actually go out and see what it's all about," he continued. "Who knows, one of them may even have a new idea that helps us change our operation. We're excited about it, especially hearing from the kids. They tell the truth."

Ferragamo Belt White

"My hope is for the students to be able have an exposure to city government, Ferragamo Belts Real

to learn the history of Brownsville," Cantu said. "The city has a lot of resources. I'm hopeful that along the way the students will be mentored by city departments, city leaders, and come back and be leaders of the city."

´╗┐Ambassador program to involve youth in city government

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Mayor Pro Tem Rose Gowen said she expects great things from the program. Gowen stood in for Mayor Tony Martinez, who was out of town on city business but has expressed support for involving youth in city matters.

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a language arts teacher at Stell Middle School, has spearheaded the program so far.

Ferragamo Belt White

Ferragamo Belt White

Evelyn Cantu, Hermes Belt Red And Gold

State District Judge Migdalia Lopez administered the oath of office to the inaugural class of 30 Municipal Youth Ambassadors in a ceremony in the City Commission Chambers of Brownsville City Hall, 1001 E. Elizabeth St.

Gowen told the students she expects to "get my socks knocked off by your talent and your imagination that are just waiting to come out."

Alma Muoz, an ambassador from Brownsville Early College High School, will work with Brownsville police and the city public health department.

An aspiring pediatrician, she said her counselor suggested the program and she thought it would be interesting as well as look good on her rsum. She said she had never had a job before.

Ferragamo Belt White

Ferragamo Belt White

The city of Brownsville and the Brownsville Independent School District launched a youth leadership program Wednesday to involve high school students in the nuts and bolts of city government.

"During this time, participants will build their knowledge about current issues facing the city and develop leadership, personal and group skills," the manual for the program states. "Here you will see firsthand the many facets of your local government in action and learn how each city department contributes to the quality of life for the city."

The program requires a two year commitment from participants. It begins with a half day orientation retreat on March 23 at City Hall, followed by two Saturday sessions a month through the end of July. The ambassadors will report on their activities to the Brownsville City Commission and BISD Board of Trustees.

"This is a great opportunity because in the 12 years I've been working for the city, I've noticed a Ferragamo Belt White lot of kids that were around when I started are now employees of the city," Patterson said.

Ferragamo Belt White

Three ambassadors from each of BISD's six regular and four alternative high schools will Hermes Belt Cost

Ferragamo Belt White

Ferragamo Belt White

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