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Ferragamo Belt Buckle Real

TORONTO Legendary Toronto Sun editorial cartoonist Any Donato can put another notch on his drawing easel.

After 50 years of drawing the news of the day, the award winner was honoured with a star on the Italian Walk of Fame in Little Italy Wednesday afternoon.

Donato is a cartoonist of 50 years, an accomplished artist, a Day Oner at the Sun and a great guy, Sun Publisher Mike Power told the crowd.

´╗┐Andy Donato lauded with Italian Walk of Fame star

Ferragamo Belt Buckle Real

Mantegna said Toronto has been like a second home for the past 25 years.

a poke at them with the art stick.

Donato said he would rather draw the event than stand in front of his star in the sidewalk and put the experience into words.

a gala event at the Riviera Parque Convention in Concord.

Ferragamo Belt Buckle Real

Ferragamo Belt Buckle Real

said it wonderful when astonishing individuals are honoured.

to Andy. He is proud of his Italian heritage as well as his Canadian heritage, DeMontis said.

Ferragamo Belt Buckle Real

Ferragamo Belt Buckle Real

Ferragamo Belt Buckle Real

Ferragamo Belt Buckle Real

you gave me a list of things (to happen) this is something I would have expected to be last on my list. I love it, he said.

Due to an inadvertent production error, this article did not appear in the print edition of Thursday's Toronto Sun. It will run in Friday's paper. Apologies to our readers.

Politicians and celebrities have said they feel honoured if Donato and Eric, his signature pet budgie, take Gucci Belt Colors

Donato popularity made him the perfect choice for the walk, co founder Jimi Bertucci said.

Ferragamo Belt Buckle Real

always said his job is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, Power said.

Donato, in his familiar jovial demeanour, joked the award came as a surprise.

is a special and well deserved honour for Donato, Sun Editor in Chief Wendy Metcalfe said.

On Wednesday evening, Donato was honoured at Michael Kors Belts Brown

grew up in an Italian neighbourhood in Chicago and I know this city as well as my hometown. I have travelled the world and I describe Chicago as the Canada of America, Mantegna said.

(himself) is like a piece of art, he said.

has done so for decades now, with brilliant cartoons gracing the pages of the Toronto Sun, never ceasing to get a laugh or force readers to think. We are all very pleased for Andy today, and we continue to feel proud to work with a Toronto Sun legend. DeMontis, the Sun National Food Editor, Gucci Belt Tiger Print

Ferragamo Belt Buckle Real

never would have dreamed this. Usually when you win an award you put it on the wall, but this goes into the cement forever . but the way Toronto is going with its roads, they may rip it up someday, he said.

Donato fellow inductees into the Italian Walk of Fame this year include actor Joe Mantegna, musician Gino Vannelli and international union leader Joseph S. Mancinelli.

is such a colourful character, full of creativity and wit. Underlying his abundance of talent is also Ferragamo Belt Buckle Real a remarkable passion for telling life like it is, she said.

Ferragamo Belt Buckle Real

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