Dunhill Belts

Dunhill Belts

outside sources will not exceed 2,000 acre feet of water per year, enough to support the most water efficient cooling design for the plant.

´╗┐An environmental signoff on Tenaska power plant

Dunhill Belts

Dunhill Belts

n Tenaska, unlike energy developers who try to delay Gucci Belt Tan

Dunhill Belts

Such approaches fit well with EDF's emphasis on finding realistic, scientifically sound and economically viable solutions to environmental challenges, including global warming. Rather than fight with companies, we prefer, when possible, to work cooperatively to find solutions that will provide the energy Texas and America needs.

simply Dunhill Belts cost too much. But Tenaska has sought creative solutions including marketing the captured CO2 for use in Permian Basin enhanced oil recovery that will help the project succeed economically. This makes our West Texas oil fields even more valuable in our nation's push to attain energy independence and security.

We believe Trailblazer marks true progress toward cleaner, environmentally responsible coal based generation in Texas. The technologies pioneered here at commercial scale could potentially be applied to existing power plants and other industrial processes around the world. Without these technologies, the International Energy Association has estimated that achieving proposed reductions in emissions could cost almost twice as much.

Dunhill Belts

Dunhill Belts

Dunhill Belts

But we're realists, and we know that coal and petroleum will play a significant role in America's energy needs for years to come. So, for the time being, our goal must be to minimize the health and climate impacts of our power plants and vehicles.

Dunhill Belts

n Many say solving the global warming problem is hopeless, that it would Gucci Belt Gray

Environmental Defense Fund has a four decade history of successfully combining science, economics and the law to tackle some of our country's most difficult environmental challenges.

We at EDF would prefer, of course, that renewable energy sources could replace all fossil fuel use, and we're proud that Texas leads the nation in wind turbines, with Sweetwater one of the hubs in this burgeoning industry.

We talked with Tenaska for a year before our two organizations signed an agreement whereby Tenaska, with a legally binding contract, pledges that the Trailblazer facility will capture at least 85 percent of the CO2 produced by the plant. In addition, Tenaska is formally committing to use "dry cooling" technology, reducing the plant's water consumption by 90 percent. EDF's decision is based on several factors:

n Appreciating the value of water conservation, especially in West Texas, Tenaska pledges that water obtained for the operation from Hermes Belt Women 2017

With Trailblazer, Tenaska is pioneering the development of power plants that will capture 85 to 90 percent of the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced and prevent its release into the atmosphere. And the project will also to help bring renewed production from old West Texas oil fields.

The agreement between EDF and Tenaska is a model for the nation as it moves us toward the day when all energy is clean and nonpolluting. Tenaska is the first company taking the first steps, and Sweetwater and West Texas can take pride in being the home of this bold and farsighted initiative.

Dunhill Belts

Dunhill Belts

or prevent regulation, is moving in advance of anticipated federal regulations by proactively incorporating advanced technology to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions.

It stands to reason that we would oppose the construction of a new, coal burning power plant near Sweetwater, just as we have successfully fought the construction of other coal fired power plants in Texas in recent years.

We commend Tenaska for its proactive engagement with stakeholders on critical environmental issues, including global warming and for backing up its promises with a legally binding contract, enforceable by the courts. This is the kind of cooperative approach among regulators, private industry, advocacy groups and community leaders that is helping to propel Texas to the forefront of clean energy development.

Dunhill Belts

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