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on the American novel. But prejudice dies very, very slowly and usually while causing much pain.

I also suspect that Professor Gates might possibly have been reacting to the situation based on his previous know, a whole lifetime as a black man in America, where a higher proportion of black men sit in jail cells than graduate from high school, let alone college; where black men are threats until proven otherwise; where while black does equal cause for a traffic stop in all too many places; where he personally has no doubt been repeatedly dissed in spite of his many accomplishments and because of his race.

Armani Belt Womens

Based on my experience (full disclosure: I have met Henry Louis Gates, Jr., at a lecture years ago, and I have the autographed book to prove it), I suspect that Professor Gates was the victim of an arrest. You think he be allowed to have a bad attitude on his own front porch, though.

Armani Belt Womens

Armani Belt Womens

It called an arrest or, sometimes, an ticket. That when there is some discretion in the matter before us, but your bad freakin attitude just made me decide not to use any.

Go ahead and tell yourself that this wasn about race if it makes you feel better. Looks like our president has bowed to the conventional wisdom on the matter and decided to spare the white folks feelings. But see, I suspect that young Barry Obama probably had his own run Ferragamo Belt Real

ins with white cops and racial profiling back in the day, so I really think he had it right the first time.

Armani Belt Womens

I had an American born (in an internment camp, actually) Japanese American professor once who told me that when he spoke to the police, they usually commented on how well he spoke English. Same thing with store clerks. Uh, he was a professor of English, an expert Ferragamo Belt Reversible

I once left a woman hog tied belly down in a jail cell, then I added assault and interference with official acts charges to the public intox charge that had gotten her arrested at the Farm Aid concert and turned over to me for booking. I had kept my limited temper in check when she called me a heifer, but once she mule kicked me in the knee, the flex cuffs came out and this short fat chick could won a rodeo prize for my quick work. And, as I left her there in the cell, I leaned down and said,

You know, like the half drunk frat boys in Campus Town who thought they were being quiet Louis Vuitton Belt Cake For Men

Armani Belt Womens

Armani Belt Womens

when a couple of uniformed women walked by and they made pig noises. (Iowa farm boys do pig noises very well. They also squeal like little piggies when you cuff The arrest began with, boys, now that you got our attention, let do some sobriety tests, shall we?"

Wanna know about your Just ask a pissed off cop.

It may have been because the town gown divide is nowhere sharper than between liberal professors and the boys and girls in blue; or it might have been because the sergeant was having a bad day; or it might have been because I never in my life met a shift cop who appreciated being talked down to by a well educated citizen.

Armani Belt Womens

Armani Belt Womens

Armani Belt Womens

Should Professor Gates, quite likely the most famous African American scholar in the country, have been more deferential to the police man in Cambridge? Well, even a few other successful black men think so.

Hell, I have plenty to say in a situation like that, Armani Belt Womens particularly when I knew one of my own neighbors me for a burglar. In broad freakin daylight.

Armani Belt Womens

Or it might have been because Professor Gates is a black man.

In any case, this was a situation where discretion was called for and wasn forthcoming. I know about racial profiling. Any cop who tells you they don use it is lying. We had several officers disciplined on my department not so much for doing it as for being stupidly obvious about it. This is post racial America, you know. Even if we profile people, we have to pretend we not doing it.

´╗┐and other bad cop secrets

Armani Belt Womens

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